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Correspondències. Dansa i arquitectura.

The architect Pere Riera and the choreographer Moreno Bernardi, reflect and dialogue creating a series of correspondences: Space, time and movement are creatively connected, giving rise to those questions derived from their own specificity. A piece divided into 5 chapters, 5 architectural spaces and 5 correspondences, will construct the symbolic design of a poetic geography, that of Pere Riera and a metamorphosis, that of Moreno Bernardi. A poetic film with a documentary matrix that shows the subtle common lines between areas and places.

Category: Documentary,

Year: 2017

Public presentation: Filmoteca de Catalunya. October, 2017.

Awards and nominations:

  • IV International Film and Architecture Festival, Cinetekton, (Mexico) 2017
  • Finalists XI Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival, (Turkey) 2017
  • InShadow, Lisbon ScreenDance Festival, (Portugal) 2017
  • 40 NORTH Dance Film Festival San Diego (USA) 2018
  • BLOW-UP – International Arthouse FILM FEST. Chicago (USA) 2018
  • International Meeting on Video-dance and Video-performance. Valencia 2019
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