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General synopsis

Inspired by underground publications called fanzines, Zosen Bandido, Miquel Ardèvol and Eric de Gispert author this documentary series, produced by CaixaForum+ and Krik Krak Productions, that portrays artistic creation and alternative culture in Barcelona from the late 70s to the present.

Through the protagonists of the different scenes and a crazy collage of images, we travel through the most hooligan and rebellious Barcelona; the b side of the city in the last 50 years.

Comics, graffiti, skateboarding, alternative music, social movements, gentrification and new artistic generations are, among others, the topics that are discussed chronologicall throughout the different chapters.

Categoria: Documentary, Featured

Creative and technical team:

Direction: Zosen Bandido, Miquel Ardèvol and Eric de Gispert
Production: “la Caixa” Foundation and Krik Krak Productions
Original idea: Zosen Bandido
Screenplay: Zosen Bandido and Miquel Ardèvol
Editing: Miquel Ardèvol and Eric de Gispert
Animations and motion graphics: Eloi Muñoz, Miquel Ardèvol, Eric de Gispert, Carla Medrano and Pau Ardèvol
Graphic design: Pau Ramírez and Isaac Alcober
Sound and mixing: Roger Blasco (Crater Sound)
Color correction: Cèlia Espanya
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