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IGLOOLIK, a real tale

The Inuit people have lived for thousands of years in the Arctic adapting to the most extreme living conditions. In recent times, they have also had to adapt to the Christian religion and Western culture. However, they have been able to maintain their ancestral knowledge.

In this documentary we review their history and culture and how they live today.

It explains how the Canadian government began to control the population 60 years ago and the subsequent process to regain their rights and self-government of their region.

Category: Documentary,

Year: 2016

Awards and nominations:

  • VIDEOETNOGRAPHIC 2018- International Ethnovideographyc festival. Zamora 2018
  • Best Documentary Nomination, ESPIELLO / International Ethnographic Documentary Festival of Sobrarbe. Huesca 2019
  • DOCANT / Anthropological and Social Documentary Exhibition. Buenos Aires (Argentina) 2019
  • Best Documentary Award Toronto’s Film Festival of Time. Toronto (Canada) 2019
  • ETHNOGRAFILM. Paris (France) 2020
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